April 2018
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Steve Nolan

Steve Nolan is a record producer and musician.

After being signed to PYE in the early 70s Steve went on to be managed by Bob Keene (iron Maiden Management) and a few years later he went on to play Paul McCartney in the then highly successful Bootleg Beatles.

In 1999 after a massive launch Steve was then asked to front the Government’s New Deal for Musicians, Music Industry Consultancy Service, in London and the South east which he did highly successfully for around six years as regional Manager responsible for more than 320 Job Centre plus sites in the L & SE region.

Steve also fronted the London development agency and European social Funded ‘Step Programme’ and ‘supporting a Talent to Enterprise’ which involved over 300 hard to reach and minoritised people in learning to play an instrument to level 3 and gain live performances for each on the programme.

Once  successfully completed, Steve joined well known London Charity ‘Anchor House’ as head of Music and Performance.

During Steves four years with AH, he trained many residents to play musical instruments such as guitar, piano, drums, vocals as well as helping people to be able to access technology for songwriting and performance etc. These ranged from R&B, hip hop, to Bangra to rock to rap and Grime.

Steve also wrote original songs for his most prolific activity whilst at Anchor House.

The Anchor House Choir, which culminated in many brilliant public performances including one brilliant concert at Sadlers Wells Theatre with his Anchor House Choir and the National Symphony Orchestra along with a mass mixed choir and many London school choirs. This helped to raise money for charity including a DVD of the overall event.

Steve currently manages and produces a young Pro Band Called ‘Toffees’ in partnership with Dan Green from Coldplay and Monkey Puzzle.