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May 2019
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About Us

The Government & Public Sector Journal is read both online and in print, it has a combined readership of over 6000 executives, senior managers, managers, heads of departments, buyers & specifiers, project managers and many more professionals working in the following areas: Local Authorities, Councils, NHS Health Trusts, Government Offices & Agencies, Rescue & Emergency Services, MoD, Prison Service, Universities & Colleges, Transport Authorities, Research establishments, Private Sector Organisations and Private Contractors such as Mechanical & Electrical contractors, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Building & Maintenance contractors, Product & Service Providers etc. All editions are available to read online every quarter as well as printed.

GPSJ Online is viewed by over 10,000 people a week, and along with GPSJ NEWS and GPSJ Radio we offer our advertisers and contributors are large targeted audience, we send out regular email newsletters every quarter to our subscribers in the government & public sectors, this informs them of our latest news and features and allows them to click into the online journal straight away. We have the ability to target specific features and articles to one or more sectors, the database is researched and verified every 3 months for accuracy.

GPSJ NEWS & Radio seeks to interview key figures in the government & public sectors as well as bringing breaking news and exclusive footage you wont find anywhere else, indeed we regularly supply major broadcasters around the world with news footage and information.

We produce a number of special features in every edition to give companies supplying our readers the ability to promote their products and services on a regular basis.

Both the online and printed versions carry news and general interest items and include latest developments in IT, Computing & Cybersecurity, AI, Local Government & Health Care, Policing, Fire service, Child Protection & Welfare issues, Government & Public Sector legislation and news, building & engineering projects and much more. Company profiles allow our readers to see in depth what services your business provides and enables them to read about your latest products & news.