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July 2019
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The value of consulting

There has never been a time when leaders, managers and businesspeople have not sought and obtained advice from external experts. Modern capitalism and the development of a welfare state increased this requirement for additional support. […]

Animal Loving Authority

POLICE Authority volunteers have jumped in the saddle of a scheme aimed at ensuring police force dogs and horses don’t get a woof ride. Greater Manchester Police Authority’s Animal Welfare Visiting Scheme was trotted out earlier this month (Dec 7). […]

Another Fine Mess?

The recent announcement that CCTV images can now be used as evidence in the issuing of parking fines is of consequence to every local authority. Colin Forrest, Mail Creation Product Manager, Pitney Bowes discusses the extra burden that this ‘remote enforcement’ will place on councils. […]

Elements for Play by 'Playgarden'

All children love the elements, whether it is digging or planting in the earth, running in the sun, splashing in the rain or watching how things move with the strength of the wind. With this love of natures elements in mind, Playgarden have launched a range called Elements for Play, that schools, nurseries and pre-schools can incorporate into their outdoor learning and play. […]

Demand for ban on game bird cages

The government-appointed Working Group charged with setting rules for how ‘game birds’ will in future be produced for shooting has caused widespread dismay this week by publishing a Code of Practice that fails to outlaw the notorious battery cage for breeding birds. […]

Interim Managers – leading public sector change

The public sector is under intense pressure to cut spending, increase services and improve efficiencies. In his budget the chancellor Alastair Darling demanded £600m of savings next year and £5.5bn worth of savings over the current spending review period. […]