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December 2009
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Fuel cell hybrid taxis: A new era for road transport

Tackling the growth of carbon emissions from road transport and meeting demanding emission standards are major challenges for the automotive industry. The concept of green motoring, however, is taking off in the UK with incentive schemes offering cash to motorists who scrap their old models in favour of cleaner alternatives like electric vehicles. […]

WGA 'The Wholly' Grail of Public Sector Accounting?

For many not directly involved in public sector financial reporting the move to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for all public sector entities must feel like finance colleagues creating another self-generating, cottage industry. Shadow accounts, restated balance sheets and further audit reviews leading to the holy grail of WGA (Whole of Government Accounts) seem curious distractions at a time when the public sector is facing huge funding challenges. […]

Public Sector Leadership Teams: Keeping An Eye On The Financial Football

Whilst England’s campaign for world cup qualification in South Africa has been impressive, doubts still remain over some of the key positions. Left side midfield remains a long term problem and the goalkeeper’s spot also now has question marks over it. These remain specialist positions where the limited number of convincing contenders reflects a dearth of talent coming through. […]