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9781472452016.PPC_Layout 1Transforming Governance

Here is a taste of what people are saying about the book:

‘This book makes an important contribution in deepening our understanding of how corporate governance continues to evolve across the world and why it matters. Much of the existing corporate governance work has focused on the Anglo-Saxon world. This book, in contrast, fills a significant void by providing a unique look inside the governance norms and practices of firms based in emerging markets as well as family owned businesses.’

Sandeep Dahiya, Georgetown University, USA

‘Addressing the post-crisis reality, the book opens a new chapter on understanding the role of corporate governance, identifying its main inefficiencies and laying out directions for further development. Nine inspiring contributions delivered by an international team of authors based in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia picture the transforming governance with respect both to theoretical conceptualization as well as corporate practice.’

Tomasz Szapiro, Rector of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland

Transforming Governance is not just another book discussing corporate governance. We already have too many of these! This incisive and well written work consisting of a number of chapters by experts who in the main have practical knowledge of what they address, under the editorship of Professors Maria Aluchna and Güler Aras succeeds in raising and developing issues which are timely and significant – particularly for those at the helm of governance. The book within admittedly a critical theoretical framework tests the fitness of past approaches to the promotion of good governance and advocates a more inclusive and ethical approach. The obligation on those who mind other people’s wealth to ensure effective implementation is a theme that runs through the discussion of governance as it is conceived and applied in a number of key Eastern European countries, including Turkey. Managements and those who advise them, including those in the academy, will find the multifaceted and multi-disciplined discussion of real and pertinent issues invaluable in discharging their own duties.’

Barry Rider OBE, Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge, UK

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Why Alec Wilson was thrown out of MI6 during the Second World War

New edition of  a biography of Alexander Wilson throws new light on how and why the ‘Alec Wilson’ of the BBC series ‘Mrs Wilson’ was thrown out of MI6 during the Second World War.

The book reveals he could have been unfairly discredited because of mistakes by the country’s intelligence agencies.

Professor Tim Crook of Goldsmiths, University of London has painstakingly researched every aspect of the life of the multiple bigamist, spy writer and Intelligence officer over 13 years.

The Secret Lives of a Secret Agent was the foundation of the BBC dramatization along with a short memoir written by Wilson’s third wife Alison.

Professor Crook has shared his royalties equally with the different parts of Alexander Wilson’s families.

They have acknowledged that his ‘years of patient research,’ made them ‘aware of each other’s existence’ and enabled them ‘to become united as one strong and loving family.’

The first edition in 2010 revealed the extent of Wilson’s successful spy writing career producing a series of novels that was the James Bond of the 1930s, and his connections with the Secret Service.

Three years later this led to the release to the National Archives of a file outlining how his career in MI6 came to an ignominious end.

The Secret Lives of a Secret Agent: The Mysterious Life and Times of Alexander Wilson Second Edition by Tim Crook is published by Kultura Press.

Publisher: Kultura Press

ISBN: 9781908842060

Number of pages: 248

Dimensions: 234 x 150 mm

Edition: 2nd Revised edition

Price: £15.99