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April 2019
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NHS recognises value of recruitment outsourcing

COST-SAVINGS, increased human resources support and reduced bureaucracy, have been recognised by the NHS as positive results of outsourcing recruitment processes. A new scheme launched by NHS Employers is one of several offering organisations the chance to save millions of pounds by taking on some of their recruitment hassles and CRB checks, freeing up money, time and resources for other things.

A similar service, offered by the largest purchaser of temporary labour de Poel, is already proving effective for care and social housing organisations in the third and private sectors, saving as much as 12% a year on their temporary labour spend.

As well as reducing costs and administrative time through use of an innovative, online timesheet and invoice processing system, organisations such as Mears and Avante Partnership are enjoying better access to critical management information, improved quality suppliers and outsourced management of incoming legislation.

Chief Executive of de Poel, Matthew Sanders, said: -This is great news for all involved. The fact that the NHS are finally recognising the value of recruitment outsourcing means that organisations such as ourselves might finally get the chance to share procurement best practice with the public sector.

-Our relationship with some of the biggest care organisations, as well as the top procurement professionals within the retail sector, has equipped us with the capacity to help the NHS and the public sector generally, where they need it most.”

Director of NHS Employers, Sian Thomas, echoed some of these views. She was reported in the Health Service Journal as having said: -We [the NHS] need to learn lessons from other sectors, and embrace technology.

-People haven’t had the money to go out and make the massive investment in support functions. It’s difficult for small departments.”

In line with these observations, de Poel has developed a fee structure where there is no charge unless they find direct cost savings on organisations’ contingent workforce costs.

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