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7th December 2010, The Barbican, London

How will the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill affect you?

With the impending budget cuts, how can you ensure quality of service remains?

If you would like to know the answer to these questions and many more, then Modernising Policing is for you!

A radical redesign of workforce strategy is required in this era of austerity. The management of personnel, information and outcomes is integral to providing a quality police service that is more transparent, accountable and accessible, and can help to reconnect the police with the public, whilst ensuring that value for money and safer communities are achievable. The challenge will be how to reorganise, collaborate more effectively and prioritise the core services that police can provide.

The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill will offer new opportunities for individuals, communities and police officers at all levels to shape the future of our policing. The emphasis has now shifted away from quantity-driven goals towards improving the quality of service and allowing people to challenge police performance.

At our fourth annual Modernising Policing Conference, we will discuss how to manage workforce change, implement lean strategies, build community trust, empower the public and showcase the latest innovative solution providers. This conference will give you the opportunity to debate strategic policy and learn how to deliver policing for the people with fewer resources.

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Speakers Include:

Chaired by Simon Reed – Vice-Chairman, Police Federation of England and Wales

Jan Berry – Independent Reducing Bureaucracy Advocate

Detective Superintendent Gary Linton – Head of ACPO Criminal Records Office (ACRO)

Jane Furniss – Chief Executive Officer, The Independent Police Complaints Commission

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