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July 2019
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Mum and Son Join Forces to Fulfil Police Dream

Manchester mum Karen Harris, 31, and her stepson Alex Harris, 16, are both embarking on the same BTEC course to become police officers.

Both mum and son are studying at Hopwood Hall in Rochdale. Mature student Karen decided to go back to the books last year to enrol on the Uniformed Public Services BTEC National Diploma and now Alex is joining her on exactly the same course with a view to pounding the same beat when they graduate.

The commitment to being a copper certainly runs in the family as Alex aims to go directly into police training while Karen hopes to go to university before either entering the force or training as a teacher of Uniformed Public Services.

The Uniformed Public Services BTEC prepares students for a range of careers including the Police, the Fire and Rescue Service, the Ambulance Services, the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force, the Prison Service and HM Customs and Excise.

Karen and Alex are just two of the millions of students, who for over 27 years have taken BTECs in vocational subjects ranging from business studies to engineering to animal care.

Said Karen Harris: -This BTEC will open up doors to new opportunities for me. And now Alex is joining me at school, I can keep a closer eye on him and make sure he’s behaving himself! I hope that doesn’t make me bad cop!

Said Alex Harris: -I was a bit worried about starting at the same school as my step-mum, but I’m quite enjoying the competition between the two of us. She can drive me in every morning now too!

No speeding into college for these two though, or Alex may find himself arresting his mum!

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