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April 2019
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Police welcome drop in public fear of crime

Our survey say’s that the region feels like a safer place, according to the results of police research.

South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Police Authority’s annual crime and community safety survey ‘Your Voice Counts’ found that fear of crime had reduced in the fourth year of the survey across all the crime types listed when compared with year three.

The percentage of people that were ‘very and fairly worried’ about becoming a victim of crime fell five per cent to 55 per cent in year four, concerns over car crime also decreased, while a fear of being physically attacked dropped from 53 per cent to 47 per cent.

The figure deeming the overall level of crime a ‘big or fairly big problem’ has also reduced – from 36 per cent in year 3 to 32 per cent in year four.

‘Your Voice Counts’ was sent to more than 93,000 households in the region to gather vital information and monitor public perception on neighbourhood policing. It contained questions on issues such as anti-social behaviour (ASB) and criminal justice, as well as asking respondents to rate the areas they would like to see police and partner agencies prioritise.

ASB levels appear to have remained static with the figure for experiencing or witnessing ASB remaining at 32 per cent since year 2.

However, the profile of South Yorkshire’s 23 Safer Neighbourhood Areas (SNAs), which are dedicated to tackling crime and ASB, is also on the rise, with a boost in both the number of people aware of the initiative (39 per cent) and their knowledge of how to get in touch with the Safer Neighbourhood Teams (54 per cent).

Charles Perryman, chair of South Yorkshire Police Authority said: -The ‘Your Voice Counts’ survey has been a very important indicator to us of the public’s view over the last four years and has helped us to shape policy and channel resources and focus where they are most needed.

-In light of the coalition government’s public spending cuts, and the resulting £40m shortfall the force faces in its annual budget over the next four years, it is more important than ever the Police and its Authority are able to gauge what the region feels about the current service and what it wants to see in the future.

South Yorkshire Police Authority recently announced it is to hold a series of focus groups to ensure the public’s voice is taken into account on determining the impact of spending cuts on the region’s police force. Anyone wishing to get involved should email Tracy Webster ( for dates and venues.

Last year the Authority also launched an online Budget Simulator facility, which enables visitors to suggest how they would prioritise and adjust spending on key areas such as neighbourhood policing and investigating crime. This can be completed at

To follow South Yorkshire Police Authority on Twitter go to @sypoliceauth.

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