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July 2019
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Cardboard & Paper Scheme Launched in Tandridge

Residents of Tandridge can now recycle both mixed paper and cardboard at any one of 50 new recycling banks provided by Palm Recycling, the result of a new contract with the local District Council.

The scheme, which started in June 2011, will run for 4 years and allows the District’s 35,000 local residents the opportunity to recycle both paper and cardboard at the same time, which it is hoped will improve recycling rates enormously. In addition to the increased uptake of cardboard recycling, the mixed collection of paper and cardboard delivers a cost saving to Tandridge District Council. To encourage uptake, the banks have had revised new signage to indicate that cardboard can now be deposited together with paper at the same point.

Jonathan Easthope, Palm Recycling’s Business Manager said; -We are delighted to have been awarded this contract; it is praise for the service we are presently delivering for the South of England in the provision of mixed paper and cardboard recycling banks. We have worked with Tandridge District Council to enable them to deliver savings whilst providing a high quality service and provision.”

Tandridge District Council’s Chairman of Community Services, Councillor Tony Elias, said: -The new service not only benefits residents by providing increased recycling opportunities, it also offers significant savings.”
This collection of mixed paper and cardboard is then sorted and separated into two material streams. The recycled cardboard goes on to become new cardboard packaging products and the paper heads to Palm’s state-of-the-art mill in Kings Lynn to be reprocessed into fresh newsprint.

For further information on Palm Recycling, contact the company on Tel: 0151 550 4684, or visit

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