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January 2019
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Leading washroom provider Washroom Washroom was recently appointed to provide changing room specifications as part of new sports facilities installed at an all boys’ school in Isleworth, London.

Isleworth and Syon School for Boys required refurbishment to its three existing changing areas and has now been complete with practical specifications to suit its 11-plus user-group.

Changing rooms were designed with an open plan layout and specifications were required to complement this space as well as provide practical amenities to meet the demands of frequent use.

Washroom Washroom installed Legato benching in Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) for its hardwearing, durable and waterproof properties, making it a practical choice for changing rooms. Specified with fixed clothes hookrails, Legato benching provided students with a convenient clothes storage whilst making most of the open-plan space.

Matching SGL wall panelling ensured benching could be securely fixed as well as to protect walls from longer-term wear and tear.

Finally, Washroom Washroom installed Luminoso translucent shower cubicles provided a practical and safe shower solution for students. Specified in Acrylic materials with smooth edges for unparalleled safety, cubicles ensured a safe and shatter-resistant solution.

Trevor Bowers, director at Washroom Washroom added: -Washroom Washroom is able to provide solutions to suit any number of projects. Isleworth and Syon School for Boys is the perfect example of a project that required practical specifications that combined durability and privacy. Washroom Washroom was able to meet these requirements by providing products from our highly engineered range to create changing room areas suitable, safe and long-lasting.”

For more information on the range of services and products offered by Washroom Washroom, please visit, call 0845 470 3000 or email

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