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April 2019
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ByBox, the UK market leader in field service solutions, has won a contract with the UK’s leading integrator of wireless and conventional network systems, Ensign.

Ensign specialises in providing secure wireless network and mobile computing technology systems, offering a wide range of devices for the purpose of data collection solutions, portable printing, Voice Picking systems and RFID applications. It has a wide customer base, including blue chip manufacturing and retail customers from the top 10 in their field as well as warehousing, pharmaceutical, aerospace and automotive.

The two companies are well-matched as each has unrivalled experience in their respective industries and both focus on providing innovative services tailored to their customers’ needs.

Operating 365 days a year, the ByBox Tech Courier service offers a four hour, eight hour and next business day technical swap out, fix or collection of machines and components, which provides a crucial service to Ensign.

Many of Ensign’s customers operate systems where it is critical there is as little downtime as possible. So it is essential that faulty equipment is replaced or repaired quickly.

With access to field service technicians across the UK, the ByBox Tech Courier Service assists Ensign in meeting tight Service Level Agreements. Moreover, ByBox offers a complete solution thanks to its unique software platform Thinventory which gives total visibility of the supply chain at all times.

As well as mobilising an engineer to carry out a particular job, Thinventory can pinpoint the location of the nearest available part and also manage the return of faulty parts. These are either routed back to the repairer or sent to the ByBox in-house repair centre. Additionally, if parts are under warranty, they can be sent back to the manufacturer for compensation.

Mark Garritt, Managing Director of ByBox, said: -We are delighted to be working with Ensign and look forward to a long and productive relationship.

Like ByBox, Ensign has an unmatched reputation in its field and places great importance on understanding its customers’ exact requirements then providing solutions which are cost-effective and efficient.

Jennie Handley, Customer Services Project Manager at Ensign said: -Ensign aims to deliver the best service possible, and we have found in ByBox a partner that is equally focused on providing services of the highest standards. Over the years that Ensign has been dealing with ByBox, we have always found them cooperative and willing to adapt to the ever changing requirements that our customers are faced with.

ByBox Tech Courier is just one offering from ByBox, the company that has transformed the efficiency of overnight delivery to field service engineers with its unique model of delivering in-night pre 8am to a sophisticated and ever expanding network of lockers, 365 days a year.

With more than 18,000 lockers at 1,500 locations, many at convenient locations such as supermarkets, petrol stations and train stations, ByBox operates by far the largest and most sophisticated locker network in the UK and has an enviable first-time delivery success rate of 99.77%.

Lockers are secure and only accessible by key or code. Once a delivery is made, an email or text alert is sent to the recipient who can then collect the required item. The whole system is underpinned by ByBox’ unique software platform Thinventory that gives complete visibility of the supply chain at all times.

ByBox is already enabling companies to save significant amount of time and money: Thinventory allows them to run extremely lean inventory, freeing up valuable working capital, and there is less need to splash out on multiple urgent same-day deliveries. Orders can be placed with ByBox as late as up to 11pm for delivery the next day.

The ByBox approach is so popular that the company has grown to a £57 million turnover in little more than 12 years and ByBox has now developed a consumer solution that will revolutionise the home delivery marketplace. myByBox allows consumers to collect their internet orders at a locker if they are unable to receive deliveries at home or at work; ensuring they never miss a delivery.

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