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April 2019
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HS Sports launches sister brand APG Leisure

Chris Austin Group Sales Manager, Scott Burge Sales Manager and Paul Smith Group Marketing Director at Oldham Leisure Centre

Reporter: Stuart Littleford

HS Sports, a world leader in the supply of sports industry equipment with a 30 year track record, recently launched the subsidiary brand APG Leisure, to focus solely on supplying commercial aquatic equipment. The new Cheshire based business was born as a direct result of industry demand and is already making an impact.

The wealth of experience contained within HS Sports (the company has been heavily involved in supplying timing systems for the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, with one of their partners, Seiko) provides the springboard from which APG Leisure will make a splash in the aquatics industry.

APG Leisure supplies commercial aquatic equipment such as starting blocks, lane ropes, lifeguard chairs and similar items, to leisure, sports and swimming clubs and organisations. A less extensive range of equipment was previously sold by HS Sports but as demand increased, the need for a dedicated team of experts became apparent and APG was launched.

APG Leisure has made two senior appointments to help spearhead the company’s strategy for growth during 2018. Chris Austin has been appointed as Group Sales Manager and Scott Burge as Sales Manager. Both bring with them a wealth of experience in the sports and leisure industry.

Paul Smith, founder of APG Leisure said, “Since my father and his partner established HS Sports over 30 years ago, the primary focus of the business has always been on providing an excellent standard of customer service. The launch of APG Leisure means that we now offer the market a dedicated team of professionals, able to offer tailored solutions to clients in need of commercial aquatic equipment.

“Chris and Scott are doing excellent jobs and I’m pleased to say that APG Leisure is already supplying clients around the UK with world leading equipment, as well as preparing to launch some innovative new equipment that will further differentiate the company from the rest of the market.”

HS Sports is a Northwest business success story, having been established in 1979. After winning the contract to time the very first London Marathon, the business became synonymous, the world over, with the timing and scoring of sporting events. Now, as the exclusive UK supplier of Colorado Time Systems and having been involved in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, the company continues to be an industry leader.

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