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August 2019
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Elements for Play by 'Playgarden'

All children love the elements, whether it is digging or planting in the earth, running in the sun, splashing in the rain or watching how things move with the strength of the wind. With this love of natures elements in mind, Playgarden have launched a range called Elements for Play, that schools, nurseries and pre-schools can incorporate into their outdoor learning and play.

The first products to be launched from the Elements for Play range will focus upon water and the number of limitless play opportunities it offers children! From stepping into a puddle or simply pouring water into different sized containers buckets and containers, children are naturally drawn to water. Children can move water from one place to another to see how it reacts and how it makes objects.

Water play is a great way for children to interact and cooperate with others, they can use their imaginations to create fun, exciting games that can be reinvented time and again. It helps children develop fine motor skills whilst helping them understand weights and measure simply by moving water around.

Bamboo Channels are one of the most popular water products in the Elements for Play range and can be used for both indoor and outdoor water play. They come in a pack of 4, 1m in length, and being lightweight, offer great opportunities for water and sand transportation. The 4 parts to the Bamboo Channel encourages children to think creatively, testing their coordination and engineering skills to build a larger channel.

In addition to Bamboo Channels, Playgarden is offering a range of essential water play items including watering cans, water bowls, water sprays and water pipes.

Commenting, Paul Collings, MD at Playgarden says, -Here at Playgarden we are working hard to highlight the value of outdoor play for young children. We want to see more and more early years settings and schools incorporate the natural elements into outdoor play, hence why we have created the Elements for Play range. Water is something that children never grow tired of and they are fascinated by how they can manipulate it and how it works in a natural setting. Jumping in a puddle to create the biggest splash is a delight to children and we want to harness this fascination and love of water to offer a range of water based play resources that will enhance this.

Playgarden Design and Resources Ltd has been launched by Paul Collings, Managing Director, who is also the face behind Playgarden’s successful sister company, Timberplay. Playgarden is an online service – offering outdoor play solutions. The company will purposefully target nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools with solutions designed specifically to address their play needs.

To find out more call 0114 282 1285 or visit

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