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August 2019
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Recruiting company teaching works skills to pupils ahead of government pilot

Children as young as seven are learning how to prepare themselves for the world of work, including the value of a CV, under an innovative project run by Hays, the world’s leading recruiting experts in qualified, professional and skilled people.

Hays is currently running its courses in primary and secondary schools across the country. It has already given work guidance to around 9,000 pupils since launching its programme, named Hays Ignition, three years ago.

Hays Ignition, which is run by Hays Education, is available for all ages starting from Year Three (seven) up to Year Thirteen. Over the full course of the programme – which is already used in over 120 schools nationwide – pupils are eased into an understanding of what work means and how to choose and get a job. They are taught the value of work, why it improves quality of life, and how to choose a suitable job. They also learn key practical skills as they get closer to leaving secondary school: from writing a CV, to preparing for interviews and managing income. An enterprise training session also involves a class setting up their own business.

Ed Balls, The Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, last month announced a pilot project to bring more careers education into schools, starting at primary level. Martyn Best, managing director for Hays Education, said: -We’re already there doing the job. Hays Ignition brings the world of work into the classroom using people who are actually in the world of work, complementing the message that schools are giving out already.

-We’re not teachers, we’re real employers and we understand the ins and outs of the employment market, that helps to drive the message across in a way children and young people find interesting.”

Hays Ignition has a 97 per cent re-booking rate from secondary schools and a 100 per cent re-booking rate from primary schools. -We have had a dramatic and transformative effect on thousands of pupils, and once schools have used us once they want us back again,” said Jenny Ward, national business manager for Hays Ignition.

-Children learn from us about rules and opportunities, about how to make the best of themselves, and that gives them self-confidence and options that might otherwise be missed” continued Ward. Steve Dainty, head teacher at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Wirral, Merseyside, said Hays Ignition had proved particularly valuable at Year Six as children prepared for secondary school. The programme has encouraged his pupils -to look at their skills, their talents and ready themselves for moving on”.

The Year Six programme focuses on achievements. Pupils learn about their personal skills, qualities and areas for development. The resulting CV is then used to introduce themselves to their new school, often a difficult transition. -Hays Ignition is a tool for the future, and it really is something that schools need to be looking at in primary, not just secondary education,” said Dainty.

-Children are the workers of tomorrow and in order to develop their skills and talents, they really need to understand themselves at an earlier time in their lives. I think Ignition allows that process to begin.”

For schools interested in learning more about the Hays Ignition programme contact Jenny Ward at Hays on 0121 236 7933

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