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August 2019
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Animal Loving Authority

POLICE Authority volunteers have jumped in the saddle of a scheme aimed at ensuring police force dogs and horses don’t get a woof ride. Greater Manchester Police Authority’s Animal Welfare Visiting Scheme was trotted out earlier this month (Dec 7).

A total of six volunteers are signed up as Animal Welfare Visitors and they regularly monitor the Force’s dogs and horses when the animals are working, training and resting.

A GMPA volunteer said: -GMP’s horses and dogs are extremely well cared for and it’s important that people realise this scheme isn’t a result of any issues or concerns in that respect.

-It’s all about maintaining the extremely high standards of care which are in place and introducing a process which reassures local people that the welfare of GMP’s animals is safeguarded.”

The visitors make unannounced checks of the animals at Force facilities at Hough End in Chorlton and at various training venues.

They also watch the animals when they are at work during operations and they recently observed work carried out as part of Operation Admiral, which resulted in almost 600 arrests.

Animal visitors comment and report on the welfare of the animals and the conditions in which they are housed, trained and transported.

GMPA Chairman Cllr Paul Murphy said: -GMPA has a legal duty to make sure GMP is delivering a good service. I hope this scheme shows we are committed to fulfilling this duty in every aspect of police service delivery.”

Information recorded by visitors is reported to Greater Manchester Police Authority and shared with senior police officers at GMP’s mounted and dog units.

GMPA scrutinises the police officers on a quarterly basis to ensure the findings being recorded and shared are being addressed where appropriate.

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