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February 2020
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Dortek targets infection control with new hermetically sealed, glass sliding door

Dortek, the market leading UK manufacturer and supplier of specialist hygienic hospital doors, has introduced a new door which is designed to help hospitals and clinics fight the spread of infection. Originally designed for use on operating theatres, the new fully glazed MF5 hermetically sealed sliding door is particularly suitable for isolation wards, Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and Critical Care Units (CCUs).

The new MF5 helps to cut the spread of infection in a number of key ways. Firstly the MF5’s unique patented track system which in combination with the doors own weight works together with a continuous neoprene gasket to create a perfect seal against the door frame. This seal has been independently tested and found to be over 99% effective, leaking less than 0.2 m3/hr of clean air with a typical pressure differential of 20 Pa. It therefore provides an excellent barrier to infection and reduces the quantity of clean air which needs to be generated, resulting in considerable cost savings. This is achieved without the need for a raised floor track – which makes for safer and easier access.

Next, its smooth, controlled, sliding action helps to reduce air disturbance and the consequent movement of airborne micro-organisms. The door cuts through the air causing minimal disturbance, whereas traditional hinged doors disrupt the airflows within the clean area each time they’re opened.

The door can be fitted with touch-less sensors to allow for hands free operation, making it ideal for high risk applications. Last but not least, the new door is designed to be easy to clean. It’s made from glass so at a purely practical level it’s easy to see when it’s dirty. However the clean design of the door with no ridges or ledges has no place to harbour infection.

-We are delighted to make our hermetically sealed, glass sliding door available to all through the introduction of the fully glazed MF5, said Mike Glanville of Dortek. -Early indications are that our new door can make a real contribution to the fight against hospital borne infections.

-When used in operating theatres it can significantly reduce the time it takes to build up the air pressure differential between the theatre and corridor to safe operational levels. When used in nursing environments, nurses can observe their patient without entering the room unnecessarily. Patients in turn can be nursed in isolation without feeling isolated. Our new doors really offer an all win solution.

The new MF5 hermetically sealed door is safe, reliable and low maintenance. The door blade is a strong 2 x 6mm thick hermetically sealed glass panel with flush anodized aluminium profiles to provide a smooth flat surface. The system can be specified as a single sliding or double leaf bi parting. A range of frames to suit particular wall construction and thickness are available in aluminium or stainless steel. Safe operation is ensured by the use of an intelligent automation which reacts immediately to even the smallest obstruction, photo sensors which stop the doors closing onto passing traffic, and a self diagnostic system facilitates fault finding and reduces expensive down time.

Dortek are market leaders in the manufacture and supply of hygienic door solutions to a wide range of sectors including the international pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and retail sectors. Recognised throughout the markets for it’s commitment to innovation, quality and customer service, over the last 40 years, Dortek has manufactured and installed in excess of 150,000 door sets.

Dortek have two facilities; one in UK and one in the Ireland.

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