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LG Launches New Wireless Network Multi-Monitor Solution

Slough, United Kingdom 1st February, 2010: Bringing advanced networking and monitor technology to the hospitality, meeting and conference, public sector and educational sectors; LG is revealing the latest addition to its successful N+ range at ISE 2010 – a wireless multi-monitor solution that will be available from mid 2010 onwards.

LG’s innovative N+ Network Monitors’ technology supports up to 31 desktop LCD monitors connecting to a single computer. For a wide range of business sectors requiring a multi-display, networked computing solution, the N+ series offers a superior space-saving solution, as it doesn’t require each user/ viewer to have an individual desktop PC. The opportunities for educational, training and commercial operations are clear, and with the new wireless solution the challenges of hiding away wires safely, and finding multiple connection points are no more.

-LG became one of the top three providers of computer monitors worldwide at the start of last year, thanks to our focus on delivering monitors with excellent picture quality and features combined with solutions that resolve real-world challenges for our business and public sector customers. Those in the commercial training, hospitality and education sectors especially will immediately recognise the benefits of a wireless multi-monitor solution. Wired solutions can prove challenging in certain physical set-ups, situations or environments. Not only are they unsightly and messy, they can also prove hazardous and limit the positioning and placement of monitors. LG’s wireless solution delivers the same excellent picture quality, reliability and ease of use, without the issues that can sometimes come with a wired product, said Luc Grare, Director Business Solutions Europe, at LG Electronics.

The N+ software is able to divide a single computer’s resources into 30 independent sessions, plus a monitor for an administrator, so that all connected monitors can share the processing power of a single PC – maximising bandwidth to the fullest extent. Using one main PC to run all N+ Network Monitors also enables businesses to cut their energy costs by saving on the energy using multiple PCs would have required.

LG’s N+ Network Monitors can be installed in just a few minutes and reduce the amount of maintenance and IT support needed for a typical office or classroom environment where multiple computers are used. The N+ Series also offers USB ports for a keyboard and mouse, providing users with increased flexibility for placement and positioning and all of LG’s N+ Network Monitors render clear, crisp images and a 5-millisecond response rate. Additionally, this system offers customers straightforward management, including easy software and hardware set up, and central control support. The system can be secured and maintained by those with basic PC knowledge.

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