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August 2019
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Six charged with conspiring to defraud Nelson company

TODAY, six men have been charged with conspiracy to defraud an East Lancashire company.

The six men aged 57, 57, 44, 43, 33 and 30 were charged today and have been bailed until the 22nd February 2010.

The men were charged as a result of a protracted investigation by Nelson CID following a complaint from Protec PLC which is a fire detection equipment company based in Nelson. The charges against the men also includes conspiracy to defraud another company, the Mandale Group, which is a property development company based in the North East of England.

DI Groombridge said, -We will always robustly investigate any allegation of fraud and in this case a fraud which had the potential to affect local commerce and local people. -Protec is a major local employer and at a time when the people of this town are struggling to keep jobs and businesses are fighting to fill order books I find this sort of criminality particularly distasteful. Fraud is not a victimless crime, we all suffer the consequences.

-Our investigations have resulted in six people being charged at this time but this is certainly not the end of the investigation and this may result in further charges in the future.

-The losses to the company were minimised by the decisive action taken internally and due to their collaboration with police, none of Protec’s clients have been affected.”

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