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October 2020
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Police have seized over 150 bottles and cans of booze from underage drinkers in a series of anti-social behaviour initiatives.

But instead of pouring the alcohol down the drain, the haul, which includes 74 bottles of lager, 63 cans of lager, two litres of vodka and 29 litres of cider has been donated by Rochdale South Neighbourhood Policing Team to care home residents at Springhill Hospice for their enjoyment.

The seizures have been by Rochdale South Neighbourhood Policing Team during Operation Quasar, an ongoing weekend anti-social behavior initiative for Rochdale Division. It sees mobile and foot patrols increased in hot spot areas such as Milkstone and Deeplish, Kirkholt, Castleton and Kingsway.

During the initiative police work in troubled spots with agencies such as the local authority, youth services and licensing officers and have used handheld cameras and mobile video units. Any youths found hanging around are stopped and accounted for and offered leaflets providing a list of activities they can take part in across the area.

Youths continuing to be a nuisance have letters issued to their parents and those ignoring the two warnings are then encouraged to sign into the acceptable behaviour scheme (ABS)*.

Police also work with licensed premises and shops in a bid to curb underage sales.

Sergeant Shoheb Chowdhury for Rochdale South Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “A staggering amount of alcohol was seized during the operation and a large amount had to be poured away. What has to be remembered is that with alcohol comes nuisance and anti-social behaviour.

-In the past there have been some serious incidents of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage which has been caused by youngsters getting drunk on the street. The success of this operation in recent times has resulted in a drop of youth related incidents, which is pleasing to see.

-Residents living in the area have been telling us about how pleased they are about the operation and the results. This is great news for the team and shows that the work we have put into the operation has paid off.”

Christine Webb, chief executive for Springhill Hospice at Broad Lane, Rochdale, said: -Once again the Rochdale South Neighbourhood Policing Team has supplied Springhill Hospice with a range of alcohol for use by our patients.

-We have two very well stocked drinks trolleys and our patients in the in-patient unit and in the day hospice are offered a drink prior to each meal by one of the volunteering team. The drinks that have been donated save a huge amount of money for us and of course our patients really enjoy the social benefits of having a drink.

-We are extremely grateful to Sergeant Chowdhury and his team for bringing the drinks to the hospice, they will be greatly appreciated by our patients.”

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