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August 2019
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Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell comments on the budget

Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell, who is also the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Finance and Resource portfolio lead, said:

“We are taking the necessary time to analyse the Government’s emergency budget to determine its full impact on police funding both at a national and local level. We will be in a better position to respond in greater detail once all the implications have been established.

“As a force though, and in line with most facets of the public and private sectors, we are abundantly aware that there will be some pretty tough times ahead while the economy recovers from this deep recession.

“However, as a result of the Capability and Capacity Review which I instigated on my appointment as Chief Constable in May 2007, together with the ongoing ‘Towards 2012’ service development programme, North Yorkshire Police is in a strong position and I will do all that I can to protect visible policing levels.

“This means that the high-quality policing service that our communities rightly expect will be maintained, and our determination to ensure that North Yorkshire and the City of York remains one of the safest and low-crime areas of the country will not waver in the face of this significant national challenge.”

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