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September 2020
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Pet goat tortured in brutal and sickening attack

A pet goat has had its horns ripped from its head and left in agony with broken and dislocated legs in what is being described as a barbaric and sickening attack.

The goat known as ‘Sid’ was attacked late on Thursday night and found in his field early on Friday morning in agony.

The attack happened at the Tennyson Lane Horse and Pony sanctuary in Middleton , Near Manchester.

Owners of the sanctuary Debbie Bailey and John Starkey said they are both in shock and can’t understand why anyone could do such a thing to a defenceless animal.

Talking to GPSJ today, Debbie said, ” We found Sid early on Friday morning covered in blood with both his horns ripped out and his back leg broken and bent backwards and his other leg pulled out of the socket, he was in agony.

The only thing we could do was to have him put down, no amount of money could have saved him.

Stuart Littleford Interviews the owners below:

The girl from the RSPCA was in tears and said she had never seen anything like this and today she said she had lost sleep over what she had seen.

We have had him for over ten years and he is really friendly all the local children love to come and see the ponies and animals here, we get no funding, we are not a charity we do this all by ourselves for the animals.”

“Police spent hours at the scene and have taken DNA samples, they have been really good and are determined along with the RSPCA to catch the person who has done this, if they can do this to a poor defenceless animal what could they do to a child or anyone else,” said John.

The owners have said that they will try and make the site more secure but they have no funding to do this at the moment anyone who can help with fencing or supplies can contact GPSJ.

GPSJ understand’s that police are following up some positive lines of enquiry and anyone with information should contact Greater Manchester Police.

Anyone with information can call the RSPCA in confidence on 0300 1234 999 and leave a message for Ms Hall.

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