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September 2020
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So many donations and goodwill letters have been flooding in to the owners of a goat that was brutally tortured by sadists last week that Royal Mail have asked them to fit a bigger letter box.

Debbie Bailey and John Starkey who run the Tennyson Lane Road Farm Horse and Pony Shelter at Middleton, Greater Manchester, say they have been overwhelmed at the kindness shown to them since the sadistic torture of ‘Sidney’ the goat.

Goodwill letters, cheques and cash donations have been arriving daily and today they have had to fit a letter box outside the shelter at the request of the Royal Mail.

Last week thugs broke into the sanctuary and ripped out ‘Sidney’s’ horns.

The goat, twenty, was left bleeding profusely and with two large caverns in his skull where his horns had been. He also had two legs broken and one dislocated in the barbaric attack.

Although he survived the attack he was sadly put to sleep later as the vets agreed nothing could be done to save him. The RSPCA described it as the worst attack they had seen and appealed for help in catching the monsters responsible.

Debbie told GPSJ today, “We have never had any donations and now we have had two cheques for five hundred pounds each and others for smaller amounts.

“People have been donating stables and some have come down to help build fencing, we were both in tears this morning when we opened the post.

“The donations have come from all over the country we are astounded and very grateful for this.”

Stuart Littleford interviews: Debbie Bailey & John Starkey the owners of a tortured goat.
GPSJ Cameraman: Paul Bridgeman (

Police and RSPCA officials are not giving up hope of catching those responsible and although no one has put name forward they are hopeful the culprits will be brought to justice soon.

John said, “People have been phoning us leaving anonymous tip off’s about who has done this.

“We know there are lynch mobs in the local pubs and the things they say they are going to do to these people if they catch them are really frightening. Some of the things that have been suggested they will do if they catch them are quite horrific.

“Certain people in the community have stated that when they find out which families are responsible they will be evicted from their properties.

“People are saying they have dragged the name of the town down and there is real anger around here and a genuine willingness to catch those responsible.

“There is a chap in the Highlands in Scotland who wants to design and pay for a free website for us and a lady in Burnley and her husband who have given us a full flat pack stable that we have now erected.”

The RSPCA have been back to the sanctuary again today making a video and to see what help can be given and local people have been lending their support. There is real shock in the area but also a sense that some good can come out of this appalling incident.

Anyone wanting to donate help of any type can contact GPSJ who will pass their details onto the sanctuary.

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