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September 2019
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Two Manchester businesswomen launch a one stop shop for the Public Sector

The northern launch of took place at the city of Manchester stadium in October.

The business, ambitiously described as, -the best thing to happen to the public sector this year, marks a new era of co-operation and collaboration which will help safeguard the future of public services by encouraging them to change practices and performance, and by connecting skills, experience and contacts.

Publicsectorknowhow is the innovative creation of co owners Sharon Richardson and Gill Gourley, themselves experts within the public sector in the areas of communication and programme management and procurement and transformation.

Richardson says -With experience across both the public and private sector in the last decade I can see where the two differ, but also where there is great potential for them to learn from each other. Sharon says -The current climate is difficult but not insurmountable, and it will take some radical thinking to make changes within public services and how they are procured and delivered in order to meet budgetary targets and preserve their longer term future.

Gill Gourley, added -There are a number of similar websites, associations and resources that deliver some of the information we present to some of the public sector arenas, but nowhere is there a true one stop shop that can really share experience and ideas that will truly cross fertilise across disciplines and services.

-We also have a unique procurement compare element of the site which also allows procurers to rate suppliers and services therefore sharing real knowledge. This will become an increasingly useful tool as tendering and commissioning, as we know it, changes, becoming more open and flexible.

Publicsectorknowhow is exclusive to public sector organisation and free to members via a quick sign up form. There is a forum for topical discussion and a shop provides access to free and cost effective resources and solutions including a virtual consultant. The website and forums will be supported by a new style of event that focuses on real problem solving rather than the traditional speaker workshop options.

-Our next event, not surprisingly will focus on the Comprehensive Spending Review – Analysis and Answers, but we will challenge the traditional thinking and look for some real ways forward, says Richardson.

Publicsectorknowhow is a national resource and there will be further regional launches in the South of England and Scotland in the new year.

For more information about the organisation or to find out when the next event is, contact telephone 0845 838 1536 or check out the newly launched website at

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