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July 2020
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GMB in the North East today criticised NPower over it threat to cut the pay of it workers unable to get to work in the bad weather conditions affecting the region.

NPower, a major electricity and gas provider across the UK and which has around 9,500 employees has told staff that they must either make lost time back, take it unpaid or use annual leave if they are unable to get to work or are late due to the current adverse weather conditions. GMB denounced the company’s approach saying that it was a draconian response to staff who are working as hard as anyone can to keep vital energy supplies going to customers across the Northern Region at an extremely difficult time.

Joan Anderson, GMB Union Senior Organiser said, -GMB represents thousands of members in Npower and they are up in arms about what the Company are doing.

Let’s be absolutely clear, Npower make massive profits in a sector which is effectively a cartel as a result of past energy privatisation. The result of this cartel during this, the worst December since 1981, is that Npower’s profits will go through the roof as energy demand drastically increases as households and businesses respond to these appalling cold weather conditions accordingly.

Npower is making these profits on the backs of workers who are struggling to get to work. When these workers, most of whom are GMB members, find it just too difficult to get in due to the roads or pavements or public transport being too much of a risk or are not operating properly, are being penalised.

This is the twenty first century, not the nineteenth, and Npower should really show some corporate social responsibility to its customers and workforce and stop this ridiculous policy.

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