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August 2019
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Home Secretary appears to be in denial as to the seriousness of recent rioting

After a night of possibly the worst rioting ever seen in the UK, Home Theresa May seems to be in some denial about the seriousness of the situation and has no answers on how this can be addressed properly. She did however return home early from her summer break to confront the situation.

With homes, businesses and cars being torched, houses broken into whilst people sleep, widespread and sustained looting, one man shot dead and others badly injured the Home Secretary has ruled out the use of water cannon or the army.

She is firm in her belief that the police do not want this action and that communities can sort this problem out themselves. We would say try telling that to the poor woman who woke up with a man stood in her bedroom after kicking in her front door and the business owners seeing their lively hoods going up in smoke, the people who have called the police and had no response after waiting many hours.

People are really angry at the lack of control and response from the authorities that are there to protect us.

The general feeling of the public we have spoken to is for at the very least a curfew and more wanting troops brought in to take control as the police are totally unable to keep law and order. Is it going to take a number of deaths or the burning of the House of Commons before she realises that the police simply can’t cope with this situation on their own.
It has taken three days of rioting and violence to get the prime minister back into the UK and the mayor of London to return.

Partick Mercer MP has appeared on television this morning, he was adamant that the army should not be used and commented that he had seen no trouble in London. He did however say that water canon should be used but not yet.

He said the rioting was very limited and only in certain areas and that using the army was just not going to happen.

If the situation continues and the police can’t respond and the government are not willing to see the army brought in, just who is going to protect the citizens of the UK? Maybe we will see gangs of armed residents and business owners taking control to protect their lives and property.

The government must take tough and robust action now to stop this disorder. With the Olympics just around the corner the world must wonder if the UK is able to cope with such an event. Parliament is also to be recalled this week we understand.

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