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February 2020
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MatsSoft invited to address 'Reforming Public Services' conference

MatsSoft will urge hard-pressed delegates to let technology take the strain at the Changing the Culture of Government, Reforming Public Services conference and exhibition next month.

Tony Lockwood from MatsSoft will discuss the growing role of web-based platforms in helping public sector organisations operate more efficiently, when he addresses his audience in London on 3rd April.

The focus of Mr Lockwood’s speech will be Francis Maude’s pledge, following the formation of the coalition government in 2010, to leave ‘no stone unturned’ in ensuring central government delivers better for less, tackling the deficit whilst protecting frontline services.

The pressure to do better for less is being felt in every corner of the public sector, leaving executives with the seemingly impossible objective of delivering improved services while simultaneously cutting costs.

A key strategy that Mr Lockwood will introduce is the adoption of web-based technology to help manage internal workflow. Process tracking technology like MATS® (Multi Application Tracking System) helps workers log and monitor the progress of everyday cases ranging from applications to complaints. This facilitates improved communication between staff and departments, helping to eliminate delays, mistakes and efficiencies.

MatsSoft has helped numerous local authorities speed up and simplify the handling of routine customer-facing processes by smoothing out the end-to-end flow of information, with customers receiving automated progress updates when predetermined key stages have been reached.

Drawing from successful projects undertaken with authorities including Bedford Borough Council and Peterborough City Council, Mr Lockwood will explain how the delivery of such updates, via SMS or email, can help reduce incoming ‘chaser calls’ that have to be fielded at an estimated cost of £4 to £5 per call, which can quickly run into many thousands of pounds.

Mr Lockwood will tell delegates: – Significant benefits have been gained by introducing management systems that encourage stronger cohesion between disparate departments and functions by ensuring a smoother flow of information both internally and externally.

From a workforce management viewpoint, staff are freed from the stress of fielding bulk chaser calls and can be redeployed on more productive activities. Customers are better informed, as they are reassured of progress and far less likely to feel the need to make a chaser call. For managers, the result is that processing efficiency rises by up to 30 per cent.

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