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July 2020
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Climate activist believes that the world should prepare for ''polar cities

A climate-change activist has warned that the world should prepare for life after global warming.

Danny Bloom, 63, Director of the Polar Cities Research Institute said: Living in polar cities is the only best hope for people to survive after 2121 A.D. because billions of people will die from climate change due to causing events like excessive heat waves.

Only remnants of humans will be alive in polar cities scattered across the Northern regions of Earth, New Zealand and Australia.

”The time to start discussing, planning, pre-sitting and pre-building Polar cities is now.”

Mr. Bloom worked with Deng Cheng-hong, a Taiwanese artist in 2008 to produce designs for self-sufficient Arctic communities.

These include a leisure activity centre that can hold up to 200,000 people and a greenhouse area where food can be grown.

His theory is based on the ideas of British chemist and inventor James Lovelock who envisaged life in polar cities surrounding the shores of an ice-free Arctic Ocean in a greenhouse-warmed world.

Mr. Bloom commissioned a Christian writer in Oklahoma Tulsa writer Jim Laughter to write a new novel titled ”Polar City Red” about a family living in a polar city in Alaska in year 2075.

Mr. Laughter’s 200-page novel explores how faith and religion will survive in a post-apocalyptic world, and asks questions like: “Would mankind’s sins of the past follow him into the future?”

“Jim Laughter’s novel is the first literary novel to ever talk about polar cities, and it deserves a wide readership, both as entertainment and as serious and prayerful thinking. Time is running out,” Bloom says.

Mr. Bloom is a graduate of Tufts University with a major in Literature and a minor in French and Philosophy and his work was reported in the New York Times by Andrew C. Revkin in 2008.

Mr. Bloom is the author of Be Resourceful, Protect the Earth: A Virtual Graduation Speech to the Class of 2099 appealing to college graduates in 2009 to help preserve the earth.

Mr. Bloom’s Polar Cities blog can be found at

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