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May 2022
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Aico Ei2110 multi sensor

Aico Ei2110 multi sensor

Following its specification of Aico as its sole supplier of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms for its housing stock in 2010, Swansea City Council has now fitted more than 9,000 properties with Aico mains powered Multi-Sensor Fire alarms, Optical smoke alarms and CO alarms.  When completed, 14,000 homes will benefit from the Aico alarms.ei 261 den

The original decision to specify solely Aico alarms throughout Swansea City Council’s housing stock was based on the quality of the alarms.  The Council remain pleased with their decision, benefitting from a reduction in false alarms from those properties fitted with Aico alarms and a minimal failure rate compared with the previous detectors used, resulting in cost savings on maintenance call outs.

The reduction in false alarms is partly a result of the adoption of Aico’s Multi-Sensor, which was the first of its kind for domestic properties.  The Multi-Sensor contains two separate sensing technologies – Optical and Heat.  As such, the unit is capable of monitoring two very different by-products of a fire – smoke and heat – so its response to all fire types is significantly improved when compared with traditional single sensor type units.

Additionally, because two separate sensors are being monitored, the unit offers improved resistance to false alarms.  This is further enhanced by a unique dust compensation feature that automatically adjusts for any contamination within the sensor whilst still retaining sensitivity to an actual fire.

The Multi Sensor offers particular advantages in areas where risks are undetermined or variable, or where false alarms may be a particular problem, as well as areas where the highest level of protection is desirable.

Both the Multi-Sensor and Aico’s 160 series Optical smoke alarms which are also being installed throughout Swansea City Council’s properties run on 230V AC mains power, but also feature built-in, tamper-proof rechargeable Lithium cells as back-up.

The alarms feature Aico’s own unique Easi-Fit technology, allowing very quick and simple alarm installation with no separate bases or connectors required.

Swansea City Council has also increased its specification of Aico products, through a wider adoption of Aico CO alarms.  Where previously the Council fitted Aico CO alarms into properties with solid fuel heating, these same alarms are now being introduced to all properties on the rewire programme for 2012-13.  Arnold Davies, Senior Electrical Surveyor at Swansea City Council explains: “The use of CO detectors linked to the Multi Sensor detectors has been introduced to all dwellings due to legislation introduced in Northern Ireland to form part of their Building Regulations; and after all, all forms of fuel used in homes risk emitting CO gas.”

The changes to Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012 now require a CO alarm to be fitted in the same room as any new or replacement combustion appliance that has been installed.  A combustion appliance is any piece of equipment that is designed to burn gas, oil or solid-fuel, that isn’t designed solely for cooking.  Whilst these Regulations apply to Northern Ireland only, many social housing providers in England and Wales are now looking to this as Best Practice.

The Aico CO alarms come with the latest generation electrochemical type CO sensor which automatically checks CO levels in the environment every 80 seconds.  Pre-calibrated and tested in CO gas to ensure accuracy, it offers both a high level of selectivity and exceptional resistance to false alarms.

The alarms feature both high and low level LED indicators, with a special pre alarm LED indication for detection of CO at 50ppm; a manual Test/Hush button; Easi-fit design; Quick CO Gas Test facility; and a memory feature which enables the user to tell if CO has been detected during a period of absence.

The CO alarms have a further unusual feature that has significant cost savings for social housing providers in the form of a replaceable CO sensor.  The life of a typical sensor in a CO alarm is often much shorter than the life of the alarm itself.  Most units have to be thrown away and replaced when the sensor fails, which is both wasteful and expensive.  With Aico’s CO alarm, a modestly-priced replacement sensor module can be plugged into the base of the unit when required, giving another five years of useful life.

In addition, Swansea City Council is now also fitting Aico’s wall-mounted Alarm Control Switch during rewires, integrated with the fire and CO alarms.  The Switch allows residents to quickly identify and locate the exact unit which has triggered, and simply test and silence all the alarms on the system from one, convenient location.

Aico is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ei Electronics.  All Aico alarms are designed and built in Europe specifically to meet UK standards and regulations.  For more information please go to or contact Aico on 0870 758 4000 or

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