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September 2020
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Engaging with communities, overcoming barriers

Capita Translation and Interpreting (Capita TI) is a leading provider of language translation and interpreting services to the UK public sector. We provide language solutions to central and local government, the NHS, the Ministry of Justice, the police, the CPS and the National Probation Service.

Our portfolio of services includes a comprehensive range of interpreting, translation and transcription services.

Easy Read 

Easy Read, which is a form of translation, was developed specifically to help people with learning disabilities and difficulties, by presenting information using simple words and images, making it easier to understand.

The use of Easy Read is commonly used by health, social care, housing and legal organisations.

How is Easy Read created? 

Easy Read is a ‘reasonable adjustment’ helping to ensure equal access to information for everyone.

Documents are re-written and, for example: 

  • Jargon is removed
  • Simple English is used
  • Sentences are usually short
  • The text is aided by the use of images
  • Complex information is simplified, making it easy to understand.

A comparison of plain English and Easy Read: 

Plain English Thank you for your letter requesting permission to display leaflets in the town hall. Before we can agree to this, it will be necessary to see a copy in order to ensure they are appropriate and will not cause anyone offence.
Easy Read Thank you for your letter about your leaflets. We need to see the leaflets before we display them. This is because they must not upset anyone.

 Who can Easy Read help? 

Easy Read can help people with poor reading comprehension, including those with learning disabilities and difficulties such as dyslexia, and people for who English is not their first language.

Easy Read can also be of benefit to people who experience difficulty understanding complex information, such as legal and medical documents, people with low literacy levels, the young and the elderly.


Our Easy Read documents meet or exceed current standards, including the European Standard and the new Government Standard. The final document is clear, concise, easy to understand and can be provided in paper and electronic copy.

We also consult with Learning Disability Focus Groups in order to ensure the quality and accuracy of our Easy Read documents is appropriate for the particular user group it has been produced for.

Our documents also undergo a strict equality and diversity check during production. This applies to the text and particularly the illustrations. We make sure our documents are a representative of a cross cultural society with particular regard to gender, culture, age, occupation and sexuality.

Get in touch 

If you require further information, or have a specific requirement regarding Easy Read, please telephone 0845 367 7000 or email

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