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October 2020
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Cyber Protect: Ground breaking initiative from not-for-profit London Grid for Learning to create a Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security in Education

Reporter: Steve Harrison

The London Grid for Learning (LGfL) has announced Cyber Protect, its ambitious and ground breaking initiative to create an online Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security for schools. The new centre, which will sit within LGfL’s existing site, will provide the best possible protection from increasingly complex and sophisticated cyber threats.

LGfL is acutely aware of the security risks posed to schools by criminals on the web. It is LGfL’s passion for protecting schools which led LGfL to commission its own dedicated fibre network, LGfL 2.0, for use with schools, designed to provide defence in depth through multiple layers of security and the delivery of one of the largest IP VPN networks for education in the world.

The new Cyber Security Centre for education will work with schools across LGfL’s grid to keep them safe through collaboration, threat management and partnerships with industry and government leaders.

As part of its new mandate LGfL will harness its scale to deliver ground breaking products to schools as part of its managed service offer. This includes InterceptX and Malwarebytes which are being provided free to London schools. The new Centre of Excellence will complement the pioneering work underway in LGfL on online safety where LGfL has established successful partnerships with ChildNet, the Internet Watch Foundation and more recently the NSPCC.

John Jackson, Chief Executive Officer at the London Grid for Learning told GPSJ: “LGfL and our partners have always shared a passion for security and keeping children safe. The rise in the frequency and complexity of security incidents on the internet has convinced LGfL that it is vital that we do all we can to proactively protect schools and ensure our children’s education is not interrupted. I am delighted that LGfL has made this a priority and I’m sure the schools we support will feel the same way.”

To find out more about Cyber Protect, please visit

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