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October 2021
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Bristow & Sutor set to support Transport for London

Reporter: Allan Roach News

Bristow & Sutor is excited to announce that they are now working with Transport for London (TfL). Since May 1, 2020, Bristow & Sutor has been collecting unpaid Penalty Charge Notices at warrant stage for all road charging schemes and also traffic enforcement contraventions.

Bristow & Sutor is one of the UK’s leading players specialising in debt recovery and has over 42 years’ experience in the collection of local council tax, non-domestic rates and unpaid Penalty Charge Notices.

Winning the debt management and enforcement contract with TfL has resulted in the production and implementation of new letters, business rules, action codes and reports. Bristow & Sutor employees have adapted their own processes to fully immerse themselves in the TfL way of working, strategically positioning their service delivery to reflect an extension of the iconic TfL brand.

Investment in the use of technology is key to the Bristow & Sutor approach and success of recent years. The company has a range of innovative portals, apps, and debt recovery tools which gives debtors an easy, secure way of making online payments; resulting in efficient route information to aid the reduction of Enforcement Agents (EAs) carbon footprints.

Bristow & Sutor has delivered the new TfL project against challenging milestones, hitting every deadline required, and now see this success as a prime example of the company’s capability and reliability when implementing new contracts and transferring existing needs painlessly.

Andy Rose, CEO at Bristow & Sutor, says, “Bristow & Sutor is delighted to be embarking on a new partnership with TfL. Our aim is not only to successfully action existing cases, but to be recognised as the number one performer and innovator throughout the duration of this contract. Winning new contracts such as TfL, means significant expansion and job opportunities over the coming years. We already directly-employ over 168 EAs around the country.

“Our talented and hardworking team has worked painstakingly over the past weeks and months to ensure this project will perform optimally. Coupled with the unprecedented interruption of COVID-19, it has been a remarkable achievement by our tremendous team to ensure we a ready and raring to go”.

Regarding COVID-19, in accordance with the Government measures to combat this virus, EAs are not being deployed until social distancing measures have subsided. However, Bristow & Sutor has undertaken a massive mobilisation exercise to help foster a ‘business as usual’ approach, albeit without enforcement visits. Portals, apps, emails, telephone lines and debt recovery tools all remain accessible for debtors who need to discuss their situation. Consequently, the company has already been able to begin the compliance process for this new project with TfL.

Bristow & Sutor prides itself on delivering an ethical, compliant and high-quality service to the public and private sectors. Agents regularly assist debtors with completing questionnaires, setting up payment arrangements and directing them towards support and advice where appropriate. They are trained to the highest standard and use modern technology and data to achieve market-leading performance, whilst protecting the most vulnerable in society and the reputations of clients.

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  • Qader Khan

    This is complete wrong. They are knocking doors during lockdown. Very rude. Do not want to help

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