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January 2021
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#SayNOtoRockSalt #SayYEStoEcoGrit

Pothole damage on our roads

Traffic accidents, potholes, road deterioration, trip hazards on pavements and in car parks, There seems to be an epidemic happening all around us affecting every city, town, village and the connecting roads in between. Why is this happening? What can we realistically do about it?

What can be done?

The solution is surprisingly simple but it would require us all to make a little change. Many little changes can make a life changing difference, as all of us are affected on a daily basis by these problems. With this kind of change we would all start to see the results in our lifetime.

The change in question is to stop putting down untreated rock salt onto our roads, pavements and car parks over the winter period. Brine and pure de-icing salt aren’t much better either.

What’s wrong with what we are doing now?

In their current form, these products are super corrosive and terrible for our environment and ecosystem. They are not even that affective, sometimes having to be put down multiple times a day, as these products have a low absorption factor. They are also only active to temperatures of -7C and anything below that renders them useless (the ground temperature is often colder than the air temperature).

Their corrosive nature is evident all around us if we stop and look. Where grit bins are placed at sloping junctions and on hills, the roads are much worse than the surrounding areas. It doesn’t matter if the surface is tarmac (asphalt) or concrete, rock salt will eat its way through the surface as the hard grit embeds itself into the smallest cracks and holes. With the high volume of traffic we have on the roads, this causes the whole surface area to weaken and deteriorate much quicker than we can fix. Potholes need to be permanently fixed without cutting a section out (Thermal Road Repairs leads the way with this technology), nothing else will do but because the whole road surface is getting eaten away, as soon as you fix one pothole another will appear near by because of the weakened surface.

Highways England recognise a deterioration annually of 3% to the road network which must run in the £10b’s, even £100b’s in damage annually when you work out how many roads we have and this is increasing each year with new housing estates being built everywhere so the problem is only going to get worse, not better and if our weather starts to worsen in the future, we are going to have a real problem on our hands.

Are the products we are using now that bad?

Nature over millions of years has locked away many “nasties” inside the rock salt to protect the planet and we are spreading it back around before we’ve even treated it, no wonder it’s cheap. Urea is touted as a safe alternative to rock salt but in reality, if adopted on a national level would put our waterways and sea at risk of toxic algae blooms (more info in online article) which would be devastating for us.

Is there any hope?

Fortunately yes, and it comes under the name of EcoGrit Concentrate.

EcoGrit can be applied traditionally like rock salt, it works to a temperature of -20C and is 80%, yes 80% less corrosive. It also has a much higher absorption factor meaning it doesn’t need to be put down as often and in low traffic areas can last a number of days depending on snowfall.

It has the ability to be mixed with water so it can be applied by spray. In this form it works to about -8C (100g per litre) but can cover a larger area than in grit (granular) form. It’s ideal for steps, fire escapes, paths and entrances to buildings. It creates no mess and isn’t walked into buildings.

EcoGrit has no storing or handling restrictions and does not fall under COSHH regulations. It can also be used in large amounts (nationally) without harm to the environment unlike Urea.

It is a natural, bio-degradable product with inbuilt rust inhibitors. It is non-toxic and safe to use around children, plants and animals (non-harmful if ingested).

EcoGrit can be used as an anti-icer, de-icer or anti corrosion liquid.

Please help rebuild our country !

Keeping a few buckets on hand will prevent us from having to close schools or key services and allow people to queue safely this winter.

We know we need to make a change as we can’t keep destroying our roads quicker than we can fix them, otherwise we will never be a nation that can truly grow again.

Let’s make Britain “GREAT” again.


To trial this product please email:, or call: 0800 193 6466

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