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May 2022
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Reflections in the glass structure of the new, enlarged ticket hall at Victoria Underground station

Transport for London’s (TfL) payroll team is saving 160 days’ administration time per year, thanks to the introduction of a secure online portal that automates the production and distribution of payroll and HR documents.

The secure online portal not only helped to enable the remote working necessary during lockdown but is also facilitating the long-term trend towards hybrid working which has accelerated over the last 18 months.  According to the *Office for National Statistics, in future, 24% of UK businesses intend to use increased homeworking and 85% of adults currently homeworking want to adopt a hybrid approach.

TfL is the integrated transport authority responsible for the day-to-day operation of London’s public transport network and the management of its main roads; it employs over 26,000 staff across multiple locations.

Until early last year, TfL’s payroll team used to print and post – via internal mail and Royal Mail – over 400,000 payslips, P60s and P45s annually. The process was time-consuming, expensive and environmentally unsustainable.

The organisation approached leading provider of secure document automation solutions, Datagraphic, with a remit to deliver Epay, its secure online portal that automates the production and distribution of payroll and HR documents.

The solution has allowed TfL’s payroll team to adopt a 100% digital operation.  This has saved them 160 days annually in administration time previously spent printing and distributing payslips, P60s and P45s, and enabled them to focus on higher-value tasks, adding further value to the organisation.  They no longer need access to corporate printing equipment and so can work anywhere.

It has also resulted in savings on resources such as paper, allowing TfL to cut costs and work with a greater degree of environmental sustainability.

Employees can securely access their payroll documents remotely via any internet enabled device from any location at any time.  As Epay works with TfL’s existing systems, employees only need to sign in once via their established rewards platform to access all their employee documents.  This ease of access has improved the employee experience and resulted in an increased level of employee engagement.

Said TfL’s employee payments delivery lead, Colin Turner: “Using Epay, we have saved time and money, which means our payroll team can focus on more value-added activities.”

Added Datagraphic’s managing director, Glyn King: “Document automation increases the efficiency of payroll operations and is supporting the trend towards remote and hybrid working that accelerated during the pandemic.”

Last year, Datagraphic became a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) G-Cloud 12.  Its solutions can now be purchased without going to tender, via the government’s CCS-managed G-Cloud 12 digital catalogue. The company is an SME, so by working with Datagraphic, public sector clients such as Network Rail, Leeds City Council, East Sussex Council and Surrey County Council, as well as TfL, are helping to meet the government’s target of spending £1 in every £3 with small to medium sized enterprises by 2022.

Epay swiftly facilitates document automation without system changes or capital outlay and can reduce the time spent on manual and repetitive document processes by up to 98%.  It doesn’t charge license fees, with a pricing model based on the number of documents uploaded and distributed rather than the number of employees. Return on investment is delivered in months rather than years.

While the solution is “digital first”, it is also capable of securely generating and delivering printed documents as required.

Epay clients include public sector organisations such as Network Rail, Leeds City Council, East Sussex Council and Surrey County Council, and private sector companies including Specsavers, Airbus, Sodexo and H&M.

For further details about Epay or to arrange a demonstration, please visit or call 01246 543000.

*Office for National Statistics: Business and Individual Attitudes Towards the Future of Homeworking, UK:  April to May 2021

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