February 2024


OIX launches short videos to help businesses understand what digital ID will mean for them

  • It is becoming more urgent that organisations take steps to understand how digital ID will impact them, says OIX.  

The Open Identity Exchange (OIX), a non-profit organisation, has launched a series of short educational videos about digital ID for organisations that will come to accept and rely on digital ID as the primary way for their customers to access their products and services.

These are the organisations that need to know with confidence who their customers are when it comes to onboarding and managing them. For them, digital ID will be a gamechanger. However, digital ID is complex and confusing, and the OIX continues to see high levels of uncertainty among those organisations that will come to rely on it the most.

According to the OIX, many do not truly understand what digital ID is, how it will work for them or what the benefits for their business and their customers will be. It is also shrouded in myths about fraud and privacy issues that need dispelling.  

The OIX believes that it has now become increasingly urgent that these organisations – across various sectors including, finance, property, employment, travel, gambling, telcos, insurance, legal and any age restricted service – understand what digital ID is all about and why it will be a positive development for them.

Some of the benefits include enabling instant access to services for customers, moving away from forgettable passwords, no longer needing customers to find and provide paper ID documents and being able to easily update details as customer data changes.

Ensuring that digital ID works well for these organisations is a key focus for the OIX, so as part of its education work, the OIX has launched a series of short and clear educational videos to provide clarity on the key questions being asked.

Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist at OIX, said: “All businesses are going to be impacted by digital ID one way or another. It’s a major focus all around the world. Specifically in the UK, the government is certifying private sector digital ID providers to start working with the businesses that will come to accept and rely on these digital IDs. In some countries, it is now the primary way people can access both public and private sector services. 

“What this means for businesses is that there is digital ID ecosystem in place. They cannot ignore the fact that digital ID is ready to be adopted. The sooner they take steps to make it key part of onboarding and managing their customers, the better.”

The full series of videos about digital ID can be found here.

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