July 2024


SHIMPAC® Systems: The conditions may change, but SHIMPAC® doesn’t

Durability. Reliability. Perhaps not the most exciting two words in the English language.

However, with some deeper thought we realise just how valuable these two things really are. How priceless is not being let down? How valuable is a product or service that performs consistently to the highest of standards regardless of environment?

Often, only when we delve deeper, or we experience disappointment first-hand do we truly appreciate how vital durability and reliability really are.

When it comes to durability, our roads are subject to such a variety of testing variables. From severe compression to testing weather patterns, any solution installed across our network must perform in a variety of conditions.

SHIMPAC® Systems products are designed to form a strong, stable, engineered structure developed to support and position any commercially available ironwork correctly. All SHIMPAC® Systems products are exceptionally durable, long lasting and recyclable.

SHIMPAC® Systems products do not distort. They withstand excessive stresses including the compression, shear, and percussion forces that street ironwork is subjected to.  Compression strength of the SHIMPAC® Systems product range is over 120 tonnes, making them the perfect durability choice for original installations, remedial and maintenance purposes.  

What’s more, SHIMPAC® Systems product range is compatible with all PAS certified materials used for ironwork installations.  This is vital and highlights the true ‘strength’ of SHIMPAC® – the ability to deliver millimetre precision for levelling ironwork, whilst being used with all, or any, other profiled product line. 

Chamber construction is no longer just brick, but a combination of materials including pre-cast concrete, flowable mastic, or flowable mortars, and SHIMPAC® Systems products sing in harmony with each type of material.

Seasonal Success

Beyond compression damage from traffic, the UK’s seasons bring their own unique challenges to our highways and the ironwork seating beneath them. From melting roads in summer to water penetration in England’s notorious downpours, as well as the subsequent expansion in a biting winter, the products keeping our roads usable must be ready for whatever our climate throws at them.

SHIMPAC® Systems are installed quickly and without fuss all year round with minimum equipment and materials. The product range is suitable for use for civil engineering and construction applications both above and below ground including ironwork seating, permanent shuttering, and external cladding.

The SHIMPAC® Systems are virtually completely waterproof. With just 0.07% water absorbed after 24 hours of total immersion – making SHIMPAC® the standout choice when it comes to preventing erosion beneath ironworks.

When summer is upon us and road surfaces are being tested amidst heatwaves, SHIMPAC® remains resolute. The products are unaffected by temperature extremes and have been tested to BS 476 Part 6.7 – classified as Class 1 surface spread of flame.

SHIMPAC® products are not season specific. Compatible with all bonding agents they can be installed in any environment, including below water line. So, hot or cold, rain or shine – SHIMPAC® doesn’t let you down.

Barry Andrews, SHIMPAC® Technical Lead told GPSJ:

“For durability and reliability, SHIMPAC® doesn’t compromise. All year round, the product range and system handle whatever the conditions throw at it. We’re often asked about the life cycle of our system, but as the earliest installations of the SHIMPAC® system over 30 years ago are yet to fail – it’s difficult to give a definitive answer. It’s safe to say these products are built to last, and they do just that.”

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