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May 2012
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Civic solar installations: embracing the long view

A year ago, large numbers of public sector organisations were taking advantage of government Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) to install solar panels on the roofs of civic buildings. Now, with FITs rates cut in half, the public mood couldn’t be more different. The court battle between the government and the solar industry over FITs rates muddied the waters. And unscrupulous ‘sharks’ in the marketplace, misrepresenting the facts about solar ROI, have made organisations understandably nervous about going forward with planned installations. […]

Simplifying government forms will help public sector harness big data

New online research from YouGov and SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, has found that more than four in five Britons (82%) have never knowingly provided false information in a government agency form, putting the public sector in prime position to collect a central repository of reliable and valuable ‘big data’. […]


All four current England Cricket Captains; Andrew Strauss, Stuart Broad, Alastair Cook and Charlotte Edwards brought cricket to some of Nottingham’s inner-city youngsters today when The Lord’s Taverners staged a special coaching session ahead of the England Test with West Indies at Trent Bridge. […]

ITEC demonstrates that UK Government is making cyber a priority

Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones, the UK Government’s Special Representative to Business for Cyber Security, has commended ITEC’s first Cyber Security Training and Education Workshop for the significant attention it has drawn to combating this evolving threat. […]

Baldwin Boxall Protects Voyagers at the 2012 Titanic Belfast

Sitting at the heart of Belfasts historic ship yard stands the UKs latest tourist attraction, the iconic Titanic Belfast building. This is an interactive insight into the history of the worlds most famous ship The RMS Titanic. There are nine galleries which take you through the life of the Titanic from its concept to the sinking 100 years ago and its influence up to modern times. […]

When President Obama and the CBI both call for consolidation, it's time to take notice.

A few weeks ago, US President Barack Obama asked the US Congress for the authority to consolidate trade and business related parts of the federal government to untangle what he called a bureaucratic maze. He said he wanted to merge six departments and agencies into one, in a move that would effectively eliminate the Commerce Department. “With this authority, we would help businesses grow, save businesses time and save taxpayer dollars,” he said. […]


Hot-desking – enabling staff to work from any desk in the office, at home or on the move has become an increasingly commonplace feature in the public sector. […]

Returning from a career break with help from the Daphne Jackson Trust

There is nothing that knocks an individual’s self-confidence quite like taking a career break and it is easy to lose one’s identity and simply become someone else’s -carer”, -Mummy” or -Daddy”. Those on a career break are often unaware that the skills gained during their time away from work, including multi-tasking, time management and -people skills” are valued in the workplace and so for all too many, memories of that interesting job they once held can begin to seem like fiction. […]

Bariatric transfer ' behind the scenes of a specialist health service

In as little as the last 25 years, obesity in the UK has increased 400 per cent, pushing the issue to the forefront of the healthcare debate. It has become a very topical subject for the current administration, which is under increasing pressure to reverse a trend which could result in a third of British adults being obese by 2020. […]

The Revising of Educational Relationships

We live in a world that bastions the individual and celebrates specialism. Since the C18th we have been steadily outsourcing not only industry, health and education, but now, according to Hochschild’s ‘Commodity Frontier’ even our personal relationships. Whilst compartmentalising our lives may increase efficiency, it’s detrimental to our education system and our children. An effect we’re seeing as the UK slides down the OECD ranks in Math, English and Science, faces increasing swathes of ‘Neets’ and witnesses over 20,000, 14 year olds migrating away from formal education. […]

Comensura Government Index shows Local Authorities cut temporary labour usage by 15% as AWR costs rise

The latest Comensura Government Index today shows there was a 15.2% decrease in the use of temporary labour across the public sector in the first quarter of 2012, when compared to the same time in 2011. […]

Callcredit launches 'Three Sixty Suite' to help in fighting fraud locally

The government has recently published its latest in a series of recommendations and changes to local government fraud prevention. The debate and planning around implementation continues, but the direction is clear – a changing role for local government in fraud prevention and detection. […]