June 2018
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PR Media Law Guide

A new e-book has been published to guide PR and comms staff through the maze of media law.

The PR Media Law Guide explains how to keep comms operations safe from threats like defamation, the Data Protection Act and contempt of court.

It also explains how to use media law and the regulatory codes in proactive and reactive situations, and to deal with post-publication issues.

It is clear and simple and and covers issues like:
·           Restraining investigations and publications
·           Dealing efficiently with reporters and photographers
·           Managing Facebook and other social media safely
·           Delivering effective reputation management
·           Negotiating better rights of reply
·          Safeguarding press releases and client talkboards from defamation
·           Dealing with copyright issues
·           Responding to trademark abuses

The e-book has been written by Cleland Thom, one of the UK’s leading media law and consultants and trainers.

Cleland said: ‘This e-book is a must for PR and comms staff. It offers expert guidance in laypeople’s terms.

‘I regularly come across press releases that break one law or another- and the penalties for getting things wrong can be high.

‘The guide also offers proven media management techniques which have transformed some of my clients’ reputation through the media.’

Cleland has delivered media law courses PR and comms staff to public authorities, including Herts County Council, Surrey Fire and Rescue, and the London Borough of Brent.

He is legal adviser to United Utilities and 25 other clients, and has successfully challenged large organisations like BBC Watchdog, Sunday Telegraph, The Times and the News of the World, as well as numerous local newspapers and broadcasters.

The e-books cost £19.95 per copy. Discounts are available for multiple copies.

Email for details.

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