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June 2019
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Fire Alarm Notification for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing uses ProcessFlows SMS Technology

The ProcessFlows Text Message Server (TMS) platform was chosen by Fireco, manufacturers and installers of wireless fire safety products, as the text messaging gateway for their new Deaf Message Service (DMS) fire notification solution for the deaf and hard of hearing.

DMS has been developed by Fireco and partners – ProcessFlows, Adaptive Modules (modem technology provider) and Wireless Logic (SIM technology provider) – to meet the demand for improved emergency notification communications for the deaf community.

Using DMS, deaf people who are out and about in a public place in which DMS has been installed, can sign up to receive ‘fire alarm sounding’ notification on their mobile phone.

Text is a global success story, so it is not surprising that innovative applications are being built on top of the SMS technology.

Why was DMS developed?

One in seven people in the UK suffer some degree of deafness
Deaf people have concerns that they could remain unaware of an emergency situation in a public place
There are 76,168,000 mobile phone subscriptions in the UK (SMS mobile phone stats for 2008/2009
ProcessFlows developed TMS to be a powerful and adaptable tool – making it the ideal SMS platform on which to build wireless applications
Claire Chilton, an assessor for Level One British Sign Language exams and a TV presenter on deaf issues is profoundly deaf. Claire said -DMS is such a brilliant idea. Using text messaging to let you know a fire alarm is sounding is using something deaf people use all the time.”

How DMS works:

Stage 1 – Signing up

User visits location where the DMS system is installed – which could be your local supermarket
User sends a text with the location code to the DMS number
The DMS server receives the text and adds the user to the location given
The user is sent a text by the DMS server to let them know they are connected to DMS for that location
Stage 2 – When the fire alarm sounds

When the fire alarm sounds (unless it’s a test) DMS will send a text to the server
Users connected to the specific location receive a ‘Fire’ text advising them to evacuate

The main benefit for users:

DMS gives deaf and hard of hearing people the reassurance that they will be as aware of an audio warning of an emergency situation as the rest of us.

The main benefit for Public and Service Providers:

DMS helps service providers and employers comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). It is designed to respond to a fire alarm installed in conformity with the British Standard 5839 Part 1.

Editor’s Notes

ProcessFlows’ SMS technology is also enabling a patient appointment reminder system – SMS Patient Notification – a solution designed and developed to help cut the cost of missed appointments to the NHS.

Further information about DMS can be found at

Further information about ProcessFlows at

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