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April 2019
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Government should 'hold its nerve' on economic policy say management consultants

Nearly three quarters of the UK’s leading management consultants believe that the government should hold its nerve and stick to the main planks of its economic policy. The MCA (Management Consultancies Association) has today published the results of The MCA Barometer, a survey of leading figures in the management consultancy industry carried out in partnership with Ipsos Mori.

Results show that 72% of respondents believe that current Government policies will improve the state of the UK economy in the long term. Only 19% believe that they are damaging. This is despite the fact that over half of those who were surveyed (51%) also believe that the UK economy will flat line over the next 12 months.

Commenting on the survey findings Alan Leaman, Chief Executive of the MCA, said:

The message from management consultants is that the government needs to stay strong over the next few years and stick with the main planks of its economic policy.

The next year will undoubtedly be tough for business. And there is a great deal more that the government could be doing to stimulate higher levels of growth. But this extra effort must not be allowed to compromise the fundamental long-term goal of reducing the public sector deficit and putting the UK economy on a sustainable footing.

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