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April 2019
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Ramora UK teams with Burrill Green to offer a proactive approach to corporate security

Ramora UK is a leading global provider of Explosive Ordnance Disposal services and related training. In addition to governments, the military and law enforcement agencies, Ramora UK clients include a number of high profile commercial organisations, and the company is very aware that the security concerns of corporations in the modern world cover a number of areas.

Adopting a comprehensive and proactive approach to corporate security is an important issue for Ramora UK and one that it shares with management consultants, Burrill Green.

Unlike most management consulting companies working in the security field, Burrill Green views corporate security not just in terms of protection, but also as a driver of performance, an enabler of trust, and a deliverer of incremental value to the whole enterprise. Allied to this approach is an understanding that sensitivity and empathy is required when challenging a client’s existing structures, systems, and procedures.

Given that this approach to client servicing is one that is fully shared by Ramora UK, the company has identified a number of advantages that can be delivered to clients through its teaming with Burrill Green.

As David Welch MIExpE, MIABTI, FCIM, Managing Director of Ramora UK, said:

-One of the great benefits that commercial organisations can bring to corporate security is an understanding of corporate realities and imperatives. Our technical expertise, delivered through a team of ex-military personnel, is second to none. When that is allied to an understanding of the broader issues that companies face – an understanding that can only be enhanced by our association with Burrill Green – then the opportunity exists to provide clients not just with protection but also with real added value.”

David Burrill, Chairman of Burrill Green, adds,

-Challenges that threaten businesses today in a shrinking world are of an order of magnitude that could not be accurately registered even twenty years ago. Managing in an Uncertain World requires new skills and approaches to steering businesses productively and profitably forwards. The function of security management is to create and maintain a secure condition in which people are safe, the business will flourish, the organisation’s reputation will be enhanced, and opportunities for improvements, will be identified and acted upon. Our association with Ramora UK enhances our ability to recommend world-class solutions to clients seeking to add value to the contribution corporate security can make to their business and enterprise.”

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