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July 2019
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Copyright law is simple. If you don't own it, then someone else does.

Media law expert Cleland Thom offers some simple advice on an important law.Copyright law protects original work. It affects PRs in two different ways: […]

Contempt of Court law prevents 'trial by media'… but what does that really mean?

Take great care when issuing a comment, or making a statement, if legal proceedings are involved. You could interfere with the course of justice, or prejudice a trial. […]

Radio Tactics Solutions Reduce Crime in Devon and Cornwall

Radio Tactics Ltd, a leading global provider of mobile phone forensics equipment is proud to announce that police in Devon and Cornwall have successfully reduced crime rates by implementing Radio Tactics’ products. Since purchasing the Hermes and Apollo property registration and identification devices; the Devon and Cornwall force has reduced property burglary by 80% in Torbay, previously the region’s hotspot. […]

Mind your language! The web makes libel a real possibility

Defamation is an untrue attack on someone’s reputation.You could be sued if you issued a press release, or a statement, that contained a defamatory statement. If you publish it, you are responsible. There’s no such thing as ‘accidental libel’. Cases are very hard to win. […]

Low carbon hemp house put to the test

A consortium, led by the BRE1 Centre for Innovative Construction Materials based at the University, has constructed a small building on the Claverton campus out of hemp-lime to test its properties as a building material. Called the -HemPod, this one-storey building has highly insulating walls made from the chopped woody core, or shiv, of the industrial hemp plant mixed with a specially developed lime-based binder. […]


A new library at King Cross, Halifax, is rapidly heading towards completion by William Birch & Sons and its design has been shaped by the local community who will be using it. […]


Watch our online live broadcast from time to time and pre recorded interviews and stories. We can alert you by Twitter of a live broadcast for breaking news coverage, please follow us on @GPSJ […]


Here is a list of upcoming features in the GPSJ Journal, we are interested in editorial and comment from specialists in these fields and any interesting developments or news in those areas. We are happy to discuss advertising and promotion of your products & services within these features. All features have an extra circulation of journal’s sent directly to our readers in those fields along with an email news release. […]

Surrey Police did not discriminate against dismissed officer

An Employment Tribunal in Croydon has rejected a claim that Surrey Police discriminated against an officer who was dismissed for poor performance during her probationary period. […]

Evaluating tender opportunities – no prizes for coming in second

The forecast drop in economic growth to three and a half per cent during 2009 was a big blow to businesses. However, it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel; deals are being done, the economy is forecast to grow one and a quarter per cent in 2010 and spending on public services is expected to grow by an average of 0.7 per cent for 2011-12. The green shoots are starting to show. […]

The UK government can reduce risk by using open source software

The use of open source is a topic that is continuously debated in both the private and public sectors. With some companies and organisations welcoming the liberal use of technology, whilst others fearing that in removing proprietary software companies and organisations will be doing away with vital legacy expertise and control. […]

Housing Minister Visits Salford

Housing Minister John Healey visited New Broughton in Salford today recently as it is the first North West scheme supported by the Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) Kickstart funding programme to be fully signed off, with all legal agreements and contracts now exchanged. […]