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January 2021
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True Grit

With the annual 1st April increase in Landfill Tax, and publication of guidance by the Environment Agency, there has never been a better time to investigate road sweeper and gully waste reprocessing systems says George Anderson, Director of the Siltbuster Group.

Since it was brought into existence in 1996, “with the intention of driving councils

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G-Cloud II – Bursting the Legacy Bubble

FlyingBinary announced on October 26th 2012 a major expansion of G-Cloud Services only eight months after the initial G-Cloud Framework Agreement awards. Jacqui Taylor, FlyingBinary’s CEO, commented, -Most Departments have legacy systems that are inhibiting adoption of lower cost, flexible cloud solutions.

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Chris Hardy, McAfee UK public sector, comments below in response to the recent PwC report which highlights the growing threat to the public sector posed by cybercrime. The risk is clearly heightened by the amount and nature of data held by governments, and the damage to public trust and confidence which would result from a large breach.


Officers save Man's life

A man who collapsed whilst walking home from work in the snow has thanked the people who saved his life today. Mike Ashton from Kingsdown near Sittingbourne had been walking in sub-zero temperatures early last Saturday morning (4 December) when his body temperature dipped so low he collapsed in an orchard at Chilton Manor Farm, off Highsted Lane, Rodmersham.

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Keeping your staff's personal information safe online

Keeping your staff’s personal information safe onlineMedia law expert Cleland Thom warns of the dangers of mixing business with pleasure

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Government Must Look to Procurement to Avoid Frontline Cuts

Procurement specialist xynergie has called for Government savings announced in the Spending Review [Oct 20th 2010] to be achieved through improving procurement efficiencies, rather than by cutting frontline services.

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Low carbon hemp house put to the test

A consortium, led by the BRE1 Centre for Innovative Construction Materials based at the University, has constructed a small building on the Claverton campus out of hemp-lime to test its properties as a building material. Called the -HemPod, this one-storey building has highly insulating walls made from the chopped woody core, or shiv, of the industrial hemp plant mixed with a specially developed lime-based binder.

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NHS Borders

The NHS Borders cover a large rural area in Southern Scotland. The Trust is centred on Borders General Hospital, Roxburghshire, which employs over 1,000 people and serves as a community hospital for the central Borders, with a catchment of some 100,000 resid

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Delivering diplomas: Digital dilemmas

Education is being reformed through various initiatives, and the Government’s flagship vocational qualification, the 14 – 19 diploma is playing a key role in the process.

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Raising standards in out-of-hours healthcare

The public perception is that out-of-hours healthcare is provided to the same standard as daytime GP services. Out-of-hours care is often delivered by private companies that do not have to adhere to the same standards of training, competence, scrutiny and risk management as NHS organisations. Arif Ahmed, co-founder and Director of ikonami, examines why private providers have become so prevalent and reveals potential strategies to improve standards of care and to bridge the patient care gap.

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Wakefield Council Trade Deal

Wakefield Council has signed a pioneering agreement to boost mutual trade opportunities and open new doors for a wide range of local businesses. On Monday 2nd November Wakefield Council Leader Peter Box formalised the district’s economic relationship with Romania by signing a memorandum of agreement with Antonie Solomon, the Mayor of Craiova.

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Is the Government tendering processes a hindrance to the public sector cuts?

Stuart Littleford speaks with Jeremy Galpin, Sales Director of De Poel Consulting. Prior to joining de Poel, Jeremy spent nine years working for one of the UK’s largest recruitment groups. Having worked initially in operations, Jeremy then progressed to a corporate business development role where he was responsible for delivering group recruitment solutions to some of the UK’s largest logistics and manufacturing companies.

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Right Place, Right Care, Right Time

In July 2008 the government published the final report of Lord Darzi’s Next Stage Review, High Quality Healthcare for All, which spelt out a long term vision of an NHS that is high quality, personalised and clinically led. With public finances now under pressure, the Department of Health’s clear policy position is that high quality, safe care is cost effective and can deliver efficiency savings.

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University of Bath & Pharmacy Practice Research Trust Press Release

A new report published by the Pharmacy Practice Research Trust (The Trust) suggests that care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia needs to be more holistic in its approach, and that the assessment tools used for treatment options are not sensitive enough.

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