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January 2020
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G-Cloud II – Bursting the Legacy Bubble

FlyingBinary announced on October 26th 2012 a major expansion of G-Cloud Services only eight months after the initial G-Cloud Framework Agreement awards. Jacqui Taylor, FlyingBinary’s CEO, commented, -Most Departments have legacy systems that are inhibiting adoption of lower cost, flexible cloud solutions. We’ve taken a big data approach and our services assist delivery of policy, ministerial or transparency commitments, while paving the way toward Open Data commitments now and in the future. Recognising that the move to cloud services may require a staged progression, there are specialist services for on- and off- boarding from legacy to G-Hosting to G-Cloud in addition to standard Platform and Software As A Service (PaaS, SaaS) offerings.

For data- and analytics-oriented systems, FlyingBinary now offers end-to-end data visualisation and publication services within public and private cloud environments. The database tier uses Actian Vectorwise, the world’s fastest analytics database, while the presentation tier uses Tableau Software, called the -darling of the magic quadrant by Gartner earlier this year. In addition to these core offerings, FlyingBinary also provides a Social Intelligence service allowing insights from the social web to enhance government and citizen engagement, and an HR Analytics service that provides state of the art capabilities to assist workforce management. Commenting on the technologies employed, Taylor said -It’s only by combining best in class database and analytics platforms that we can offer these integrated cloud services in a true big data fashion.

For email and collaboration platforms in additional to existing G-Cloud Google Apps services, FlyingBinary is now able to assist migration from any legacy email system as the portfolio includes the Lotus Notes migration management service utilising CIMtrek technology. -We’re really excited that users no longer have to lose the rich functionality built upon the Notes system and can finally move their applications to their chosen a cloud platform, said Taylor.

The G-Cloud initiative is designed to deliver fundamental changes in the way the public sector procures and operates Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by providing access to systems that are flexible and responsive to demand, deliver faster business benefits and reduce cost. FlyingBinary is one of a cohort of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) providers awarded a Framework Agreement for the provision of G-Cloud II Services.

Key to all the service offerings from FlyingBinary is a central concept of collaboration and information sharing. FlyingBinary believes that such collaboration is essential for achieving greater efficiency and maximising value for money. With programmes such as the Civil Service Reform, and an environment of continuing economic distress enforcing real resource limits, it is more vital than ever that Departments have the ability to leverage the new technologies available. Although there is a lot of hype and misinformation, big data in this context is really about blending internal and external data sources onto a single platform to deliver a 360o view, and allow Departments to maximise the value of every asset, especially their people, added Taylor.

FlyingBinary provides disruptive analytics and cloud computing solutions and services. The company founders have over 40 years experience of delivering large scale programmes in both the public and private sectors, and created the company in 2009 to provide a lightning rod for organisations wishing to engage with best of breed new technologies. FlyingBinary champions the business user, and is unrelenting in the quest for rapid, agile business value.

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