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April 2019
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Ofsted award CACI contract to deliver new social care inspection IT system

Ofsted has awarded CACI a contract to deliver new Social Care inspection IT system

CACI has won a major contract to supply a new inspection solution for Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills, to be used in its 4,600 plus inspections of social care providers each year.

Ofsted inspect […]

Dortek targets infection control with new hermetically sealed, glass sliding door

Dortek, the market leading UK manufacturer and supplier of specialist hygienic hospital doors, has introduced a new door which is designed to help hospitals and clinics fight the spread of infection. Originally designed for use on operating theatres, the new fully glazed MF5 hermetically sealed sliding door is particularly suitable for isolation wards, Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and Critical Care Units (CCUs). […]

How online outplacement will help in tough cost-cutting times

The huge challenges facing the public sector over the next few years to cut spending will regrettably mean redundancies for many public sector workers. Faced with this painful course of action, organisations of all shapes and sizes from local authorities, NHS health trusts and Government agencies will want to make it as painless as possible for all concerned, and do what they can to smooth the path to a new job for their ex-employees. […]