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April 2010
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Lean thinking for peak public sector performance

Lean thinking, and working, has had huge buy-in from across the manufacturing sector for many years now and, more recently, there are increasing numbers of organisations from service and public sectors who are beginning to understand that lean principles and approaches are just as relevant to them.

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Young offenders reformed through ICT

Every Young Offender’s Institute offers education classes as well as practical training courses that help to advance skills and improve people’s chances of finding a job once they have been released. However, one particular Youth Offending Team (YOT) and City Learning Centre (CLC) has taken a creative approach to this concept, using ICT with some very positive results. Alex Jones from Sheffield West CLC discusses how educational software has been instrumental in addressing central Government policy, by helping young offenders examine their behaviour and become more responsible citizens.

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The Department of the Future

‘Doing more for less’ has long been debated in the public sector, but now, the need to cut public spending, has become urgent. The Public Sector is not just facing a painful adjustment to immediate financial issues; it is also challenged by factors that will be impacting us for decades to come – such as our ageing population, our inadequate physical infrastructure, and the need to reskill the nation’s workforce.

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Can Political Leaders Deliver On Public Sector Cuts?

Hot on the heels of Audit Scotland’s timely publication on the need to improve public sector efficiency comes the call for written evidence from the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee on what preparations are required by the public sector to deliver efficient public services during a time of tightening public expenditure. The evidence period extends to the end of March but the key themes are not hard to discern.

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