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January 2021
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Drivers conflicted over cameras

An IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) survey, released today, found that most people agree with the government’s policy to reduce safety camera funding, even though a significant majority are supportive of cameras in principle.

The survey of nearly 1,000 respondents* found that 44 per cent supported government proposals to cut central funding of camera operations, with 30 per cent unsure or expressing no opinion and only 26 per cent opposed. Conversely, safety cameras received a 70 per cent approval rating overall.

Kevin Delaney IAM Head of Road Safety, said: -A lot of people like the idea of a camera on their street, slowing the traffic and making their area safer, but feel cheated when they confront one on a main road or in a different area. Rather than being purely hypocritical, it suggests drivers are seeing the lifesaving effects of cameras, but resent being caught out by them.

-It is the exact opposite of Nimbyism – everybody wants one in their own back yard, but nowhere else.”

The figures show a big difference between the sexes, with 55 per cent of men supporting the switch-off, whereas only 33 per cent of women agreed. Women were 12 per cent more supportive of speed cameras than men overall.
Nearly half of respondents [49 per cent] believed revenue generation through fines was the main motive behind installing safety cameras, with 26 per cent feeling fines were not the motive. 26 per cent were either unsure or expressed no opinion.

Mr Delaney added: -The 11 year study shows that support has declined slightly over time, but that cameras have maintained a good level of approval overall among the motoring public. There are still many people who believe that safety cameras are primarily for raising revenue who need convincing that well placed safety cameras really do deliver fewer deaths and serious injuries.”

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