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November 2020
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Learning and development company, pearcemayfield, is taking action against poor management training by launching a ‘Leading Change Summer School’.

John Edmonds, Director of Strategy and Marketing at pearcemayfield explains: -It’s lamentable that there is so much negativity and so many myths about training which is all too often labelled ‘unprofessional’ or ‘boring’. In fact sometimes this is not so much a myth as the usual experience of management training for many people.

-As leaders in our field, we are putting a ban on boring training by providing a series of high quality, high impact learning experiences in the shape of one day workshops, offering the opportunity for people to gain new skills and a recognised qualification over the summer.”

Now, more than ever, good change leaders are being sought after as valuable talent by any organisation looking to exploit the benefits its programmes and projects deliver. Many such organisations now realise that without such skilled people, much investment in change is wasted.

Pearcemayfield’s Summer School offers a range of accredited, one day modules for people who want to gain skills and qualifications fast to help them to stand out as leaders of change. John Edmonds says: -We were hearing people say they had some okay training which made no real difference to their practice afterwards, or that soft skills training is either ‘fluffy’ and useless or else comes embedded in longer courses which take up too much of their time.

-Taking these comments on board, we have distilled the very best of change management skills training into short one day programmes which are ideal for people from any area of business. We don’t set exams at the end of the course, but provide delegates open papers that need to be completed in the workplace to help embed the learning after the course and make it totally in tune with their business.”

The Summer School is a great way of developing the knowledge and skills of programme, project and change management. Every one day course provides an accredited award and the level 4 Certificate in Change Management can be gained by completing 13 credits (the equivalent of 5 one day courses).

The qualification for courses is given by the Centre for Change Management and is accredited by EDI.

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