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November 2020
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Ground-breaking legal service will help councils to help taxpayers

Expert Answers – which has an online team of solicitors and barristers – is planning to team up with councils across the country to offer their unique service that allows customers to choose what they pay for their legal advice.

The timing of this service is perfect given we are in a time when everyone is looking for ways to reduce costs, said James Mather, a practicing solicitor and director of

This will help councils reduce hours they spend trying to help their customers with queries that are beyond their remit and, in turn, help everyone access legal advice at a more affordable rate.

Every day councils across the country receive hundreds of calls from both individuals and businesses that they do not have the expertise or mandate to answer, such as queries about boundary issues, divorce, debts, wills, inheritance and family disputes. Those queries have to be sympathetically dealt with and signposted to outside sources. is already helping dozens of people every week throughout England and Wales.

Talks have already started with two councils about how Expert Answers could benefit them and one agreement is about to be concluded.

We believe in working as part of a socially responsible team to ensure everyone has access to high quality legal advice that is freely available at low cost, said James.

Councils will be able to direct enquiries to us rather than advise people to seek help with a high street solicitor with high street rates. Instead the caller will be able to use Expert Answers to answer their legal questions for a nominal fee. Councils will receive a percentage fee for the referral.

Anyone who asks a question through will have it answered by a solicitor, barrister or other qualified adviser, who will give an answer for the fee offered by customer.

It’s a concept that is already hugely popular in America where websites link in to a network of attorneys and qualified experts who give bespoke advice in real time.

Typically the cost of the online advice can be 95% below the price of the high street.

This is a service that can make a real difference to people, said James. -Not only does it immediately save people money, but it could also help them to sort out, in a most timely fashion, a particular issue in their life that might be proving stressful or difficult.

For further information call James Mather on 07784 370625.

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