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September 2021
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Welsh Dietitians Leading the Way!

Some of the UK’s leading figures from the nutrition world will be taking part in a special information day in Wrexham on 3rd
July (Wrexham Maelor Hospital).

The British Dietetic Association’s (BDA) Welsh Board is running a ‘Practice and Innovation Showcase’ which will highlight the work of dietitians across Wales and how they are at the forefront of delivering against the Welsh Assembly Government’s health strategy and improving the lives of many in Wales.

In addition to some of the UK’s top dietitians attending, key representatives from the Welsh Assembly Government will also be in attendance.

Speaking ahead of the event, the Chairman of the BDA Welsh Board, Chris Cashin, said:

-Food and the right nutrition is an absolute necessity for every single person. If, as a nation, we get this wrong then the impact is felt right across the spectrum, from an increasingly more obese society, increased and prolonged hospital
admissions, more chronic disease management, to increased mortality figures.

-In Wales, the dietetic profession works hard to deliver against Welsh Assembly Government health priorities, which ultimately aims to improve health across the Welsh nation.

-In Wales, we are leading the way in many areas when it comes to nutrition and our Practise and Innovation Showcase day will highlight all the excellent work taking place in Wales and nutrition leaders from across the UK will be attending to see what they can learn from Wales.

Members of the media wishing to attend or require more information can contact Denise Parish at

Copies of presentations and lectures will be made available after the event.

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